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Why & How to Clean a Bong?

Why & How to Clean a Bong?

The bong, like many other smoking utensils, can be enjoyed for longer if it is kept clean. The effect of a dirty bong is affected by the fact that many active ingredients bind...
Backwoods, how they. become the most popular Cigar and why they are great for blunts

Backwoods, how they. become the most popular Cigar and why they are great for blunts

Backwoods cigars have recently become more popular at our online store, and you can now purchase the popular smokes from us in. various flavours.  However, why are backwoods so popular, and what is...

How to Choose the Best Rolling Paper for you

Personalize according to your tastes and needs.If you want to be able to pick your tobacco/smoking herbs? What is the thickness of your paper? What filters or roach do you employ? Manufacturers now...

What does 420 mean?

There isn't a stoner alive who hasn't heard of the famous term 420. Despite its success, few people understand what it means or where it came from.If you ask anyone on the street...

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